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Time is the ultimate equivalence to measure the past to the future! What are we without it? What value do we have without it’s presence? That is a very interesting and intruiging question.

Time is a very unique subject. People are studying it for quite a lot. Physics and chemistry has history with it. In fact, all in human history there is nothing that can come to existence, without this. How far are we heading? More interesting question is which direction are we heading? In physics, it has been decided that time has direction. We are stack in the question of time machine. We believe that we can travel from our current point to backward or forward. Which means, either past or future. None is truth.

Time has a direction. It always moves from past to future. Never once reversely. Which brings us to question, what is present then?

Have this thought ever crossed your mind? Maybe. Well, living in the moment is the moment is the literal term for present. Afterall, what we have right now is present. Every coming second is the present. Because when it is gone, it is a moment of past.

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