Playstation 5! All you want to know!

Playstation 5

Sony once again made a blast after they announced PS5 is coming this year. Gamers, all around the world waiting for PlayStation 5 for a long time now. It was 2013, November 15, when the PS4 console came out. It has been 7 long years till Sony made the announcement of the PS5 console.

PlayStation is a great console for gaming. A majority of world gaming players love the console. Because it is fast and reliability is great. Big gaming companies make different versions of gaming accessories to catch up with the PlayStation console.

Here is what we know about the configuration of the PS5:

  1. GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency) with RDNA 2 architecture
  2. CPU: AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
  3. Memory: 16GB GDDR6, 256-bit interface, 448GB/s bandwidth
  4. Storage: Custom 825GB SSD with 5.5GB/s (raw), typical 8-9GB/s (compressed)
  5. Expandable storage: NVMe SSD slot, USB HDD support (for PS4 games only)
  6. Optical: 4K UHD Blu Ray drive
  7. Visuals: Native 4K 120Hz + 8K
  8. Audio: Temptest 3D

To be honest, it is significantly faster than the PS4 Pro model. It has a better GPU and a better CPU. It also has a powerful SSD to hyperpower up the console itself.

Sony is launching the play station 5 on November 12, 2020. This date is given on Sony’s website. They have also started the pre-order on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will need an online PS ID to confirm and register for pre-order. You can visit their official website by simply clicking here and learn more.

Sony PS5 is coming out with a starting price of $499. It was expected that they will launch PS5 with a price tag of $699. So, in comparison, the price is less than what was expected. Which is, of course, great news for many game players.

Many people are already trying to get a hold of the first PS5 console. What is interesting that Game Stop is becoming relatively slow compare to the normal timing. Most possibly, their server is overwhelmed with loads of traffic after the announcement from the PlayStation pre-orders. Some people also complained that they are being blocked out of the server and can not load the website. It just shows how much people have gotten hyped. Hopefully, GameStop will figure things out with their server soon enough for people to visit their website.

Here are some of the games that you can play on PS5:

Godfall, Gothic, Rainbow Six Siege, Outriders, WRC 9, Horizon Forbidden West, Demon’s Souls, Battlefield 6, Stray, Tribes of Midgard, The Pathless, God of War 2 (working title), Final Fantasy 16, Hogwarts Legacy, Goodbye Volcano High, GTA 5, Gran Turismo 7, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Returnal, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, Dying Light 2, Project Anthia, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Destruction All-Stars, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Solar Ash, Hitman 3, Astrobot’s Playhouse, Little Devil Inside, NBA 2K21, Bugsnax, Resident Evil 8, Death loop, Pragmata, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods and Monsters, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 6, FIFA 21.

After all the prediction and speculation, it is finally here. Now for rest, we will have to wait until we get a hold of the new PlayStation 5.

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