Philips’ new good toothbrush adapts in your brushing taste

At CES today, Philips is announcing a new flagship toothbrush that it hopes will stand toe-to-toe against rivals from Oral-B and others. The company says its new Sonicare 9900 Prestige uses “AI” to monitor your oral health and brushing style to better protect your teeth from decay. Using “SenseIQ,” the new smart brush will sense how hard you press against your teeth and adjust the intensity of the vibrations to suit. 

The company said that “most of us apply too much pressure while brushing,” with the new unit designed to mitigate that tendency. And the new brush head has a new set of angled bristles that, says Philips, will remove 20 times more plaque than existing models. All of this, paired with the Sonicare app, which offers real-time guidance on how people should best clean their teeth, with personalized recommendations. 

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