Join astrophysicist Joe Pesce for an AMA about Mars, the cosmos (and additional) in our Forums!

Today, we’re giving you another chance to have your astronomical questions replied through astrophysicist Joe Pesce. 

Not long ago, Dr. Joe (as we adore to call him) visited the forums and was excited about answering all of your questions — the response was much more than he expected. 

It turns out there’s a whole lot that the community wanted to chat about. In fact, there were so many insightful questions that Dr. Joe decided to join us again this week, starting today, Monday, Aug. 3. The AMA link is live here in our forums and Pesce is standing by for your questions.  

  In case you are new around here, Pesce is an astrophysicist and program director on the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Division of Astronomical Sciences. With 30 years of experience (and over 100 astrophysical publications) under his belt, Dr. Joe’s particular pursuits include supermassive black holes and the external environments of galaxies through which they exist.

 Check out our wrap-up of the last AMA. Then, make sure to ask Dr. Joe all of your space queries at this thread.  

While you’re at it, have a browse across the forums and sign up for the conversations. From cosmology and astrophysics to missions, launches, and space industry, this is the community for discussing all things space exploration.

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