‘Area cola wars’ at 35: When Coca-Cola, Pepsi examined soda in house

NASA astronauts Tony England (at left) and Karl Henize, STS-51F mission specialists, drink from Coca-Cola and Pepsi space cans as part of the Carbonated Beverage Dispenser Evaluation on space shuttle Challenger in 1985. (Image credit: NASA/collectSPACE.com)

John-David Bartoe was having none of it.

A payload specialist aboard a 1985 flight of the space shuttle Challenger, Bartoe sequestered himself away from his six crewmates. He was glad to be on his first mission and even happier to have made it safely into space after what was the space shuttle program’s first and only abort-to-orbit, but becoming one of the first astronauts to drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi off Earth was a sip too far.

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