The highest area tales of the week!

NASA astronauts successfully made their highly-anticipated splashdown from space, Mars’ Curiosity rover celebrates its eighth anniversary on our neighboring planet and a new astronomy term combines ”black hole” and ”planet.” These are just some of the top stories this week from  

Trump makes false claims about NASA.

(Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Many users on Twitter pointed out the errors in a tweet that President Donald Trump published on Aug. 5. In the message, Trump falsely claimed that he brought NASA back from being ”Closed & Dead,” when in fact the news-making feats that the space agency has recently achieved — such as the successful flight of two astronauts via its Commercial Crew Program — have been in development over the last two presidential administrations.

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SpaceX delays Starlink fleet release because of climate, targets for some other rocket flight this night

SpaceX's hopes for a Falcon 9 rocket launch doubleheader this weekend have been thwarted by Mother Nature. Bad weather forced SpaceX to call off...

Mysterious ‘instant radio burst’ detected nearer to Earth than ever prior to

Thirty thousand years ago, a dead star on the other side of the Milky Way belched out a powerful mixture of radio and...