A ‘GoldenEye 007’ fan remake is lifeless after a stop and desist call for


MGM and Danjaq asked the team to stop work on the project by August 19th, according to composer Yannick Zenhäusern, and remove all related social media posts. The GoldenEye 25 Twitter account will be removed by Friday.

However, not all of the work that’s gone into GoldenEye 25 will go to waste. The team plans to keep going with an “original game” based on “all the beloved aspects of our favorite ‘90s action shooter.” The crew set up a new Twitter handle, @projectianus, for the first-person shooter.

The GoldenEye name and James Bond characters are off-limits to the developers. There’ll be a different story, and the team will likely revamp some levels and add new ones. However, the developers can continue to use some elements of GoldenEye 007, including the watch menu, sound effects, models and textures, gadgets and most weapons. The guns will need different names, though.

It’s a shame that GoldenEye 25 won’t come to light as planned. Other fan remakes, such as the Black Mesa remaster of Half-Life, have made it into the wild. But as the GoldenEye 25 team noted, there was always the chance of a hammer falling on the remake, despite MGM and Danjaq allowing other projects to remain live.

There’s a bit of a silver lining in that the retooled project can make its way to Steam and perhaps even consoles. Still, for many who were looking forward to GoldenEye 25, they’ll be left to wonder what might have been.


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