Not on time roguelike ‘Spelunky 2’ involves PS4 on September 15th

Many years ago, a little game called Spelunky graced the Xbox 360. It was actually a remake of a more visually-primitive ‘roguelike’ that was released on PC back in 2008. The upgraded version was an immediate hit, though, and later ported to the PlayStation 3, PS Vita (my personal favorite way to play) PC and PlayStation 4. A sequel was announced in 2017 and given a tentative “2019” release date the following year. It was then delayed due “to the density and detail of the game,” developer Derek Yu explained in a tweet last August. Now, however, we have a new trailer and, more importantly, release date for the PlayStation 4 version: September 15th.

The game is coming to Steam, too. In a follow-up tweet, Yu said it would be released “shortly after” the PS4 version. “After Steam, we’ll look into other platforms,” he teased. “We are excited for as many people to play as possible.” The original Spelunky challenged you to explore a multi-level cave and do as much as possible — grab treasure, save damsels, buy upgrades and so forth — before inevitably perishing. The levels were randomly generated, so each run posed a slightly different challenge. The game was brutally difficult but the diverse threats, hidden secrets and seemingly-infinite replayability appealed to diehard ‘spelunkers.’

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