Tesla model 3
Tesla model 3

Tesla is one of the biggest and largest car companies in the world. They made history with electronic cars and high tech options, including self-driving for modern vehicles. They made their name and fortune by doing so. They are the ones whose innovation made a huge impact and still making new doors for the betterment of human society.

How Tesla Inc was started at the beginning?

It all started with people, who believed in human well-being and which way they can put their hope, into a goal. Tesla is building around people who have faith in humanity. They wanted to make a car that is good for the environment and eventually use it to balance things out. Of course, it was not as easy as it seems today. Big car companies all around the world are now making fuel-efficient cars and electronic cars which will be good for us. But they are just influenced by the new industry which has been opened up by Tesla Inc.

Tesla Inc. was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard‎ and ‎Marc Tarpenning‎. In 2004, Elon Musk joined in and started to invest in an electric car project. He was inspired by the project of General Motor Corporation also known as GM.

GM project ev-1. First ever electric car to made for mass.

General Motor Corporation made an investment in an electric car, named EV 1. It was in the market from 1994-2003. They tried their best of the ability to make people accept an electric car. But the problem was that not a lot of people get the idea of the electric cars, let alone using one. Since the masses did not accept it, GM company stopped their project in 2003.

Elon Musk is a man of business and science. He did not want a project like this to go into waste. So, he contacted the other two partners of Tesla Inc. and started from there. He provided much of the initial capital to run the company.

Tesla model X. The car made that history for Tesla vehicle
Tesla model X

Tesla cars are built around the idea of a unique, human serving, auto-driving car. Well, the initial idea was to build a car that can run without consuming natural resources and environment friendly. But they could not make it out of the blue when major car companies pushed back on the idea of a electric car.

Musk and Tesla had to accomplish a lot to reach today’s achievement. It was a very hard road. Although they had an idea of an electric car, the design was not bright enough to get people’s attention. So, they had to work very hard on that. Finally, “Tesla roadster” caught people’s attention.

Tesla roadster, first ever mass production car made by Tesla motor, later known as Tesla Inc.
Tesla Roadster 2008

The first Tesla production car

Tesla Roadster was the first mass-production car made by Tesla motor, later known as Tesla Inc. Tesla sold about 2,450 Roadsters in about 30 countries. Most of the Roadsters were sold in Europe and Asia in the year 2012. It is also the first car that was launched in the orbit in 2018.

In 2010, Tesla started to make a right-hand drive for the Roadsters. It was marked as safe by the government of several nations around that time. Since people were not aware of an electric vehicle like know, The company had to go through each of the safety hazard drills to get permission for safety driving. Quite remarkable they did their job by getting 5/5 safety measurement. It is a great achievement for a company that later opened up a door to a completely new industry.

Tesla roadster 2020!
Tesla Roadster 2020

Tesla remodeled their “Roadster” to keep up with the current market. Tesla Roadster 2020 surely looks beautiful for a beast of its caliber. It can go 0-60 mph in just 1.9s! What a super speedy car it is! It has a top speed of over 250mph. It ranges for 620 miles. It has a base price of $200,000. It has another edition called, “Founder series”. The base price of the “Founder series” is $250,000.

Tesla’s other project

Tesla not only sell cars but also manufacture other sets of energy solution. They are doing projects to ensure a sustainable energy Eco-system. The solar roof, power pack, power-wall, utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumptions. By doing so, they are controlling the cost of battery made for car productions while giving jobs to thousands of people. It is a good way to become independent while producing different things for the future with clean transport and clean energy.

Tesla model 3
Tesla model 3

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