Intel teams with MediaTek on 5G chips for laptops

Intel might not be building 5G modems on its own anymore, but its partnership with MediaTek is starting to bear fruit. The two companies have unveiled MediaTek’s T700 5G modem that’s designed to be used with next-generation Intel-powered laptops. For its part, Intel said it has been working on “system integration, validation and developing platform optimizations” for the 5G chip, as well as providing assistance for OEM partners.

MediaTek’s T700 modem supports Sub-6 5G tech, and the company said it has tested 5G standalone calls that don’t depend on a 4G LTE network. At the same time, however, the chipset also supports non-standalone Sub-6 5G networks that rely on a 4G network backup. MediaTek also promised that it’s “highly power efficient” so that it won’t drain your laptop if you’re surfing 5G or making calls.

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