Lyft assessments limitless Citi Motorcycle rides for Crimson subscribers

Would ‘free’ Citi Bike rentals sway you on Lyft’s Pink subscription service? That’s what the Uber rival is testing with a new pilot program in New York City. Starting next week, select Lyft customers — including those who are yet to try Pink — will be offered two-month access to Citi Bike’s blue two-wheelers. The experiment will include unlimited ‘classic’ Citi Bike rides with a 45-minute cap, which should be long enough to travel between Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge. E-bike enthusiasts, meanwhile, will get a 10-cent-per-minute discount during the trial. If you start an electrified trip outside of Manhattan, Lyft will also cap the first 45 minutes at $2.

The ride-hailing company launched Lyft Pink as a replacement for its All-Access Plan last October. It costs $19.99 per month and gives subscribers a 15 percent discount on all car rides throughout the US. In addition, members get airport priority pickups and — more importantly in the current climate — three ‘free’ rides on a ‘classic’ Lyft bike or scooter, capped at 30 minutes. In select markets, the company also offers three e-bike unlocks and discounted rates in New York City and San Francisco. Adding Citi Bike’s fleet to the mix could increase Pink signups and persuade a few more people to ditch cars and mass transit until the pandemic is over.

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