Microsoft’s Surface Duo will value $1,399 and arrive on September 10th

Microsoft’s attempt at a dual-screen Android device is nearly upon us. In a blog post (which we’re guessing was published a tad early, given how little the company is talking about the news elsewhere) the company has re-unveiled the Surface Duo and announced that it’ll be shipping on September 10th. That means the hardware could come to market before Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2, which for now just has a pre-order date of September 1st.

Like Samsung’s high-end foldable, the hinge and extra display will cost you. Microsoft confirmed that the Surface Duo will cost $1,399, which is more expensive than many flagships including the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ($1299). For that price, though, you’ll be getting two 5.6-inch screens that combine into one larger 8.1-inch PixelSense Fusion display. It’s all held together by a “revolutionary 360-degree hinge” that we’re praying keeps out debris a little better than Samsung’s first Galaxy Z Fold.

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