MLB teams having a look at the usage of cameras to find fans no longer wearing masks

In early exams, the software recognized proper masks use from safety cameras with 80 % accuracy. Whilst it is probably not used to search out individual infractions, the system could spot “hot zones” for mask misuse, the company’s founder Jaz Banga informed Bloomberg. Groups are reportedly considering non-threatening enforcement strategies, like sending out someone in a nurse’s uniform handy out unfastened masks.

Facial recognition is already a controversial topic over privacy concerns, with firms like Clearview under heavy regulatory scrutiny. Using it as part of a strategy to bring back enthusiasts could rile critics, considering that the league hasn’t been able to control the virus among its own players. And even gentle enforcement may well be problematic, given that mask-wearing has become such a political issue.

Banga emphasized that the system would use pixelization to make faces unrecognizable and said “we don’t even know how to” recognize faces. In any case, it might probably take some time to approve and enforce the system, so the card and virtual fans are likely right here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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