Sony’s very good ANC earbuds are on sale for $170 nowadays

Buy Sony WF-SP800N at Best Buy – $150

Sony has continuously improved its ANC earbuds over the years and the WF-1000XM3s (89) are the best iteration so far. They already start out more affordable than some competing devices, and they have great sound quality and ANC to boot. You’ll hear booming bass and bright highs through these earbuds, and the audio only gets better when you turn on ANC. They get between six and eight hours of battery life depending on how much you use ANC, and we also like the companion Headphones app that lets you tweak the EW, turn up the Clear Bass level, change the Adaptive Sound Control settings and more.

The WF-SP800Ns are actually newer than the WF-1000MX3s, debuting back in May, and we gave them a score of 88 for their affordable $200 regular price, solid ANC and punchy bass. They’re the midrange version of the WF-1000MX3s, lacking some premium internals but keeping most of important features. They’re also designed to withstand sweat more than the WF-1000MX3s, making them the better choice for those trying to stay fit. Sound quality is similar, ANC quality is just as good, and these earbuds also connect to the Headphones app so you can customize a bunch of settings.

Since both of these earbuds are quite similar, we have similar gripes about them. The WF-1000MX3s and WF-SP800Ns have a similar fit that might take some getting used to (and it’s easy to do so thanks to the different sized ear tips that come with each), and their charging cases are on the large side. Otherwise, either of these Sony earbuds make excellent daily drivers, especially when you can grab them at these discounted prices.

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