Woz is website hosting a livestream charity fundraiser for his 70th birthday

The livestream starts at 8PM ET / 5PM PT, and after that begins the “11 Days of Wozdom,” which is described as 11 days of challenges to win Apple gear, merchandise, a shout-out from Woz on Twitter and more. Right now, there’s no real details on what the challenges are — on Woz’s site, there are names for each day, like “bake a cake,” “dancing with the stars,” “happy place,” “Apple kindness” and so on. More details should be revealed during the stream, but USA Today reports that the organizers said the creative challenges will be focused on “happiness, creativity, ingenuity and fun.” Regardless, it’s a bit of fun frivolity in a time where such things can’t hurt, especially if Woz and Janet can raise some money for a good cause.

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