Time and US

Time and us

Time, the most valuable thing on this planet. If you plan on the listing, what are the most valuable things in life? Time will be on your top 10 list, no matter who you are. It is the only thing that binds us all together. We are all in the flow of it. It is mysterious and beautiful at the same moment.

Have you ever thought about traveling back in the past? Well at one point in our life we all do. How is it that we can travel in the distant future, no one knows. Several big companies and greatest minds are working tirelessly in secret to achieve this one goal. Why? Because conquering time will be like conquering everything at once. Even if someone can manage to go back 5 hours or min or sec of time, he/she will be holding power beyond anyone can ever dream of.

Tropical Typhoon Isaias to trace doubtlessly bad asteroid

But can we manage to time travel? Theoretically, we can. Close your eyes and think about the memories of your past. What do you see? The hazy parts of memories, right? In one sense, according to the scientist, it is one form of time traveling. They named it “Mental Time Travel”.

According to Wikipedia, “In psychology, mental time travel (also called “chronosthesia”) is the capacity to mentally reconstruct personal events from the past (episodic memory) as well as to imagine possible scenarios in the future (episodic foresight / episodic future thinking). The term was coined by Endel Tulving in 1985, as was the largely synonymous term chronesthesia.

So, in a way we are all traveling back in past, when relieves our past memories. Whether it is good or bad. Our emotions and consciousness about those events put us in the dilemma of time travel. Hopefully, with the growth of technology, we will travel through time.

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